Individual classes and in small groups of up to 4 people

Spanish classes

I give individual classes and in small groups of up to 4 people. Those are general Spanish, Spanish for specific purposes and DELE exam preparation. DELE is the official diploma of Spanish language from the Cervantes Institute.

As learning capabilities and specific needs vary from student to student, my classes are always adjusted to individual learning speed and they are flexible in terms of topic selection.

How I do it

Since years I have been using the communicative approach; a method that emphasizes student’s communicative or speaking competence. The main focus is to develop this ability, as it is considered the most essential one to be applied on a daily basis. However, of course, without forgetting about the rest of the capabilities, such as: written expression, reading and listening comprehension.

I use determined platforms for teaching online to give my classes, e.g. Vendamo or Zoom, where all of the participants may interact both with the screen and displayed material, as well as with other students.

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